“What do you need to perform as a table magician?”

The vast majority of bookings I get from clients is for what they often refer to as “table magic“: where they ask if I can perform at their event, at the tables, between courses of the meal. I think that the term table magician has become so ingrained that some clients expect that this is all a close up magician can offer them, but there is so much more versatility to magic than that.

The next question I get asked is usually “what do you need?”

“Do you need a stage or special table?”

“Do you want me to introduce you at the tables?”

Obviously, it’s not everyday that you book a magician for your corporate event or wedding, so I completely understand the question, so I thought I’d tackle it here.

A great close up magician will be able to tailor his act to pretty much any kind of circumstance, audience or venue. We can do this because we’ve HAD TO do it at plenty of events.

In the past I’ve been booked by agents to entertain “100 guests” and, when I turn up, there is only 13 people (including the staff!).

We have to adapt our show to suit the audience. There’s no point having a strop and leaving – there’s people to entertain and in 99% of cases, we’re wanting to show off the client in a great light, by entertaining the heck out of his family and friends!

The same is true for venues. As a magician, I’m never sure if I’m going to have room to put my equipment down on a table, a chair, a hand, or even whether I’ll be indoors or out. All these variables change the approach, manner, and routines that I can perform. Again, it comes down to experience – I’ve performed magic at a whole range of events and parties; from cramped house parties where I count the nostril hairs of a spectator, to formal balls in opulent surroundings where I needed Sir Ranulph Fiennes to safely navigate me to the next group. You name it, I’ve done it and along the way I’ve developed a magic act that will play pretty much anywhere, so I know it works!

When you book a magician, you’re not just booking someone to do some tricks; you’re wanting some quality entertainment for your guests. You’re wanting laughter, amazement and fun. You’re also wanting the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can relax; your event is in safe hands. No matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) on the night, your guests are going to have FUN!

It doesn’t matter if there’s a few less people there than you expected; the magician knows how long to spend with each group and will pace himself accordingly, so that all your guests have fun without being bored by magic.

It doesn’t matter that the tables the venue offered you haven’t appeared; the magician can stroll around and perform, making the magic happen in the hands of your guests.

It doesn’t matter that the weather has turned and that you’re beautiful al fresco summer wedding has had to hastily nip under a marquee; the magician will go wherever your guests are and give them a great time.

It doesn’t matter.

So what do we REALLY need to perform as a table magician?


Just give us some people that are wanting to have a good time, and let us do our thing!



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