What Magicians REALLY mean…

Magicians magic tricks

As you can imagine, a large part of the magic world is shrouded in mystery. A world full of middle aged men, card tricks and brightly coloured rope. Today, I lift the lid on a small part of that world: a world where magicians say one thing, but mean another. Here, for the first time, are the REAL meanings to what magicians say….

“I use my heightened five senses to create the illusion of a sixth…”
“This time last week, I was doing rope tricks, but that Derren fella is making a bloody fortune from this…”

“As I click my fingers, your card rises to the top of the pack… ”
“I have very little imagination when it comes to creating magical gestures. I’m also the only 30 year old in the country to suffer from arthritis.”

“I have here a perfectly ordinary pack of cards…”
“I have a perfectly ordinary deck of (marked, gaffed, stripped, shaved, rough and smooth, trapdoor, gimmicked or rigged) cards, available from any magic shop for £20.”

“For this trick, I’m going to use the coins that my great Grandfather, which was from Mexico, used…”
“Why don’t magic shops make this trick with UK coins….?”

“If I wave my hand slowly over the cards, allowing the shadow to pass over the deck for but a moment…”
“I’m getting paid by the hour you know…”

“This trick has taken ten years of practice….”
“I’ve not had sex for ten years…”

“Would you please hold these two balls in your hand?”
“Did I tell you that I’ve not had sex for ten years…”

“This is not a magic trick; it’s more of an observation test…”
“This IS a magic trick.”

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