Win a Free Copy of “Just Us Then?”!

Competition time!

To celebrate the book languishing at position number 43,253 of the Amazon sales chart, I thought that I would have a little competition. It’s a competition inspired by a good friend and fabulous magician, Ian Rowland, who, a few years ago, gave away some copies of the fantastic book, The Battersea Park Road to Paradise by Isabel Losada. I remembered asking Ian for the book, not for me, but for my wife, as I knew she’d enjoy it (and she did). The giveaway idea stuck with me though, and I always promised that, if I ever wrote a book, I’d do the same.

So I’m going to give away five copies of the book to some lucky – or unlucky, depending on your point of view – people. Since the book is about fun and laughter (sense of humour levels may vary), I thought it would be a great idea to pass the book to people in most need of some fun and laughter!

All you have to do is email me you mothers maiden name, your house number, your dogs microchip code and your Aunt Galdys’ inside leg…actually no.

All you have to do is email me with a reason as to why you feel it would be deserving to have a free copy of the book.

But here’s the catch…you have to nominate someone OTHER THAN YOURSELF.

So, think of someone in your life that could benefit from a book of fantastic cartoons and lame jokes (I’m not the greatest salesman in the world, am I?) and email me at with all the details. I shall pick the five best deserving ones and send them a free book!

Feel free to share this post, RT it, print out and staple it to your head or whatever you prefer.

Thanks for reading, and, if I don’t see you before, have an awesome Christmas!

Oh, I might as well include a link to the book here!


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